Northern Pike Fishing Tips in Canada

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Picture a 1,000 square-mile lake, Lac La Martre, which is the third largest lake in the Northwest Territories of  Canada. The lake is 65 feet deep, but the majority of its open water is less than 30 feet deep. Such astonishing scenery awaits its guests, but for fishers, it is a paradise to conquer their dreams. In this article, we will talk about a few northern pike fishing tips that might help your journey to fish a huge monster on the lake.

best northern pike fishing tips

What are the Best Northern Pike Fishing Tips?

Pikes are among the largest freshwater game fish in North America. You can haul in 20 and 30-pound fish every day in a “catch and release” situation with a proper northern pike lures and tools! -- Indeed a marvelous feat that fishers just want to do.

Fewer than one hundred and fifty lucky fishermen each year are given the opportunity and privilege of catching those huge prizes. The happiness in their faces and content are all over the place that surely makes their trip memorable.

Northern pike, arctic grayling, and lake trout are the primary fish in that lake. Plentiful pike fishing finds those usually caught by sight-casting or casting into the weeds.

Northern pike or commonly known as pike in most places in Canada are carnivorous in nature. They are also widely known in the United States as well as in Ireland and Britain.

 They are typically found in the fresh and brackish Northern Hemisphere waters, sluggish streams, and weedy shallow places in lakes. So one of the best northern pike fishing tips is to fish in shallow areas. Go to the part with weed beds. Use those sturdy baits and lures.

Pikes are big and aggressive, not to mention they are very fast. They also most probably loves attacking big lures. Get those big crank bait lures that can be used in these northern pikes.

best northern pike fishing tips in canada

Northern pikes can also be found in clear, cold, rocky waters. They ambush predators that lie in wait for their prey. They are holding perfectly still for long periods and then strikes with remarkable acceleration. Imagine a venomous snake that is patiently waiting for its prey that is firmly moving slowly.

Fishing for pike is very exciting with their aggression and aerial acrobatics.  But fishers always takes some precaution. For example, as a predator, a pike's teeth are very sharp. Use a net and a couple of personal protective equipment as well as long pliers to remove those hook of yours. Remember to carefully remove it or someone will get hurt.

Fishers should bring the best northern pike lures and equipment. And of course determination and hard work to catch those monsters under the water.

The fish grow to a relatively large size with an average length of 28 to 47 inches. The longest pike ever officially recorded and confirmed was 60 inches long and weighed 62 pounds.

The pike's name comes from the Middle English for 'pointed' due to its resembling the pole-weapon which is known as the “Pike.”

Northern pike is usually olive green and shade from yellow to white along the belly. The flank has light bar-like and small spots with a few or many dark spots on the fins. The fins are sometimes reddish.

Lac La Martre Adventures is the only northern pike fishing lodge located on this beautiful and impressive lake. Visitors from all over the world go there to catch the lake’s monster pike and other fish and to be able to boast about having caught the largest fish of their lives.

Many visitors book return trips for the next year before leaving the lodge, which is certainly a beautiful testament from a happy fisherman.


Despite being a predator and harbors delicate teeth, northern pikes are very easy to catch. Just prepare the best equipment to catch a pike and you're good to go. Remember that a well prepared fisher is a successful pike catcher! Just be on yourself and apply the best northern pike fishing tips that you have acquired.
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