Travelling Friends

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill
Travellers meet friends along the way to conquer the world, these friends give enlightenment and knowledge in order to easily reach the goal. The Best of World Travel team has of course found a couple of fellow nomads that are kind enough to teach us the right path in the world of travelling.

In this section, we will show you our favorite travel blogs that will surely put up a high spirit in your sleeping mind!

Smiling Faces Travel Photos - What I really like in this blog are the author's way of sharing 'smiles' into the world of exploration. I recommend this blog to check out a bunch of awesome pics!
Johnny Africa - Johnny was first to record his tracks in Africa, and then moved to different places in order to explore more of the world. I actually like how unique his articles with "48 Hrs in Europe" posts.
Lazy Penguins - Awesome photos and blog articles which range from travel, animals, nature up to architecture, fashion and photography.
Nomadic Samuel - Great travel blog and design, it is very professional. I am currently reading his "travel guides" and I can say that they are giving me awesome knowledge for our trips!
Travel Bloggers Guide - An awesome travel blog directory which also offers blog resources and how to start your own travel blogs.
Nomadic Notes - A travel blog directory which is owned by James. The blog has an itemized list of helpful travel guides around the world


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